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Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

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Mega Ball Live Casino Game by Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming
Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming is a very interesting and exciting game! Have you ever played Bingo on steroids? This is pretty much the easiest way to explain the basics of this game. It has several extra features that will let players enjoy the game more and take as much fun out of it while having fun!

This is a completely unique game from this game studio – you will not find a game like this anywhere else!

It is a fast-paced game where you need to match up the content of your bought cards to the drawn balls. Evolution Gaming is an actual wizard when it comes to making the coolest and most interesting live casino games. This live game is streamed directly from the beautiful country of Latvia, where Evolution Gaming has one of its biggest live casino studios.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

The biggest win per card is 100.000x the overall bet, whether or not you play for 10 cents per card or 5€ per card. The biggest payout at Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming is a whopping 500,000€. Not too shabby, as a win for only one Bingo card!

Mega Ball gameplay and options
Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball gameplay and options

As a player in the game, you first want to purchase one or more Bingo playing cards (5×5 Grid).

You have to have at least one card to be able to play. However, it’s also possible to purchase extra playing cards: 10, 15, or 25, as many as 200 playing cards per game round.

There are 24 distinctive numbers on every card; the centre one is at all times free.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

  • The minimum spend per card is just 10 cents per card, and the utmost worth is 50€ per card.
  • Then the balls are drawn: there are 51 numbered balls, and initially, 20 balls are drawn from the machine.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

By finishing horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, you win payouts. The extra line you fill, the extra you earn. You may type as many as 12 winning lines per card, though that is very uncommon.

As a result, it’s, in fact, fairly troublesome to maintain a monitor several playing cards, and on high of that, the sport has an excessive tempo; Evolution Gaming has provided you with one thing helpful.

The second you nearly type a (new) profitable line, the sport reveals which particular numbered ball(s) you want and what corresponding prize cash you await when the suitable numbers drop.

In this manner, you may see at a look how properly you’re doing to this point and what your chances are high for the remainder of the spherical.

Drawing of additional Mega Balls

After the 20 common balls/numbers are drawn, 1 or 2 Mega Balls are drawn.

Earlier than the Mega Ball is drawn, a multiplier is first decided with a big wheel. This multiplier can soar as much as as a lot as 100x.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

  • The payout of every win line you type with the Mega Ball(s) is multiplied by this multiplier.
  • If there are two Mega Balls within the sport, then solely the very best multiplier applies.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball Payouts

The next payouts apply with Mega Ball:

  • One full line:  1x as much as 100x the bet
  • Two full lines: 5 x as much as 500x the bet
  • Three full lines: 50 x as much as 5,000x the bet
  • Four full lines: 250 x as much as 25,000x the bet
  • Five full lines: 1000 x as much as 10,000x the bet
  • Six or extra full lines: 10000 x as much as 100,000x the bet

The payouts are per card and embody the preliminary guess.

For instance, you wagered 5€ on a bingo card, and also, you full four full lines utilizing a Mega Ball. The multiplier of the Mega Ball is 10 x. You win: 5 x 250€ (the payout of 4 times) x 10 (the multiplier) = 12,500€.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming Strategy

The best Mega Ball strategy is to bet with more than one card. Selecting more than one card gives you more chance of completing lines. You also maximise your chances of ending a game with a Mega Ball multiplier payout.

If you choose to purchase the maximum number of cards, it’s important to set the bet per card to match your budget. To cover all cards, you could choose to place the lowest value bet. With this strategy, you can theoretically enjoy plenty of game rounds.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

However, you may actually apply some tips.

Purchase just one card instead of several cards

First of all: the Return to Player is the highest if you only buy one card: 95.40%. If you buy more tickets, the Return to the Player drops to 95.05%. That’s quite a big difference. And we all know: if the Return to Player drops, the house edge increases.

Every online casino game has a built-in house edge, but of course, we don’t have to give away money like Santa Claus. So it’s better to play one card with a higher wager (e.g. 2€) than ten cards with a low wager (10 x 0.20€).

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

Never bet more than 5€ per card!

Secondly, there’s a maximum payout of 500,000€ per game round. Since you can win a maximum of 100.000 x the bet per card, it’s smart never to bet more than 5€ per card anyway.

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming
Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming

Suppose to procure a 50€ bingo card, and also you win the grand prize of 100.000 x the guess, then the joke might be on you. It will value you a minimum of 4,500,000€.

Despite everything, it’s best to have acquired 5 MILLION EURO; however, as a substitute, solely 500,000€ might be paid out.

Mega Ball’s Home Edge

The home benefit of Mega Ball Evolution Gaming is between 4.60% to 4.95%.

Mega Ball’s Home Edge
Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming

That’s fairly substantial, particularly in comparison with video games like Lightning Roulette (home edge of 2.90%) and Lightning Baccarat (just 1.33% on the Participant guess).

However, should you examine it to a Bingo slot machine in a land-based online casino in Las Vegas or close to you, the place the home edge is greater than 10%, then Mega Ball is a wonderful alternative.

Play Mega Ball Evolution Gaming at Arlequin Casino!

Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming FAQ

What is the maximum payout in Mega Ball?

The maximum multiplier for the game is 1.000.000x with a capped cash prize of 500.000€.

What is the best Mega Ball strategy?

Buy the maximum number of cards; this will give you the highest chance of winning. Each card improves your chance of marking numbers and potentially completing lines.

  • You are also in the optimal position for a Mega Ball multiplier.

Where can I play Mega Ball?

You can play Mega Ball and other Evolution Live Casino games at Arlequin Casino. You don’t need to download any extra software to play – Register, and then you are all set to enjoy the real Casino Experiance!

What multipliers can I win?

The Mega Ball can have a 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, or 100x multiplier applied. A regulated RNG engine selects the multiplier.

What Kind of a game is the Mega ball?

It is a live dealer casino game from Evolution Gaming Studios

What is the RTP in Mega Ball?

The RTP (Return To Player) range is between 95.05% and 95.40%

Are there bonus features in the Mega ball game?

Yes, they are Mega Ball Multiplier and 2nd Chance Mega Ball. There are exclusive features offered for all live players!

Mega Ball Evolution Gaming

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