JetX is the Newest Game!

JetX is the Newest Game!
JetX is the Newest Arcade Game of 2022!

The JetX Game is an aircraft and plane-inspired online game by SmartSoft gaming in which players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying across the screen. Even though the game appears very simple, it is gratifying, allowing you to bet from just 0.10€ credits up to 600€.

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Naturally, the more money you bet, the more significant return.

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Whether you like slots or games of chance, this game will give you shivers. When the plane takes off, you can never know when it will explode, as it can be in the next two seconds, or will it fly to the moon and get you the win you have been waiting for? Want to try the game out? You can do that at Cabarino Casino

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The best and probably the most exciting part of the game is that this game has NOTHING to do with skills; it is all about luck, and well, there is a way you can play that game to try to take advantage of the game and that is by introducing the Martingale method. Still, it will not guarantee your winnings, but it will make the game fun!

To start JetX, you have to decide how much you want to bet and the options are from 0.10€ up to 600€. Once the aircraft starts to rise above the ground, you will see your multiplier grow and that is the coolest part of this game, especially if you are playing with bigger bets, as it means bigger winnings. Remember that you can place two (2) Bets simultaneously, which is a unique feature in this arcade-based game.

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Do you feel lucky today?

Players can quit their current gaming sessions by pressing the « COLLECT » button and collecting their winnings.

JetX Betting is simple but still, at the same time, enjoyable as you can keep an eye on your latest wins and losses from the bottom part of the game.

The JetX winnings are determined by the players’ placed bets and winning coefficients, as shown in the game’s paytable.

There is only one catch, and if you fail to press the « COLLECT » button before the aircraft explodes, you lose all of your bets.

This game is so exciting, as you never know when the game will bust. You can even play it on « autoplay » if you want, but we do not recommend it, as it takes all the fun out of it. This is a new way of playing casino games! These kinds of arcade games are new.

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When playing JetX Game, you have only a few things to keep in mind and we will explain all the essentials in this review. To be honest, the game is pretty straightforward. Keep an eye on the other players and your last losses or when the plane or spaceship exploded

You need to test your nerves, as the win is all on you. It can be 2x or then it can be 200x. You can fly to the moon and win 200x your bet or then it can be that the plane will explode as soon as it starts.

Now if you have read the review until here, we are happy to tell you that there is a new updated version of the super-popular JetX Game. This is one of our favourite games and it is the JetX3 Game. This takes arcade games to a whole new level.

It is from the same game studio, SmartSoft Gaming and with this new update, you have two more aircraft, and this means that instead of one plane, you now have three planes to play with. So if the first or second one explodes, you still have one more chance to fly to the moon.

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JetX Game Auto-Cashout

The easiest way to win on JetX is to select an automatic cash-out multiplier like 1.5x for example, and always cash out your profit at that amount. You can also set your automatic withdrawal multiplier to a much higher level, for example, 5x. You might win fewer bets, but you will win big.

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JetX Game FAQ

How to play Jet X?

This is a straightforward question. All you need to do is choose your bet, then start the game and stop before the plane explodes.

Can I play JetX on mobile devices?

Yes. It’s compatible with all known devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Where can I play Jet X for real money?

We have listed the best online casinos where you can play JetX in this review.

Can I play Jet X for free?

Unfortunately, you cannot play this game for free, as this game has a Jackpot option!

What is the maximum I can win on Jet X?

The maximum win is not stated, as you really can fly to the moon and win back your bet hundreds of times!

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Suppose you like aeroplanes, spacecraft or excitement and winning. This is your game, for sure!

If you want to play with Bitcoins BetFury offers a similar game as JetX called Crush. Check it out!

Jet X is the newest game!

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